What to Not Do When Using Cloud Services For Your Business Today

Cloud computing is the reason most business both large and small are enjoying the best that technology has to offer the business world. Virtualizing the storage of your data, software and general business data online has worked for many businesses thanks to the long list of merits that one gets. The choice of which cloud services firm you make is the only thing that can save you from committing the following blunders discussed below that are committed by most businesses today.

Having only one provider

What are your objectives for considering cloud services? Each business has its own individual needs but the wrong explanation is choosing cloud systems just for the sake of it. Once your business has defined clearly the goals that you have, the choice for which cloud provider must be made to decide the right cloud services firm to go with. Since even well-established cloud services providers experience challenges every now and then, have back up cloud service providers to mitigate being inconvenienced every once in a while.

Wrong cloud provider choice

Looking at the long list of potential cloud providers you can hire, your choice should be backed up by the right reasons. A lot of businesses easily get confused not knowing the right firm that they can choose for their various cloud needs. In any case, you should find a cloud service provider that can satisfy your business needs, offer quality security for your data while being affordable through all the managed services that they provide you. The lesser the downtime experience and the better the customer support programs available, the more reasons you have for choosing the cloud firm in question.

Poor comprehension of shared cloud responsibility model

Do you understand what shared cloud responsibility model is all about? This refers to an agreement that bit you and your cloud provider will do your roles in securing the cloud from hacks. You have to know that proper and safe navigation of your cloud account is among the objectives you should fulfil as a client to the customer services. All these details are well described and explained in the SLA for the better functioning of the cloud you chose to run your business operations and storage needs on.


The ideal way to find a great cloud service for you is find out how much budget you should set aside for their services. The SLA agreement can also pint you to the right direction along with the capability of the firm to offer you solutions based suited to improve the performance of your business.

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